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Why should you use our needs assessment for a CSM system?  

Well, it’s simple… we know Customer Success Tools. We’ve helped companies implement them, maintain them and optimize the setup. We took this knowledge to develop this checklist to help you see whether now is the right time to consider a new system.

What will this Checklist help you achieve?

1) How to research the ways a CSM system will integrate with your business's existing CRM system.  

2) Understanding how to not only use the system but MAXIMIZE its use. 

3) Considering what happens to the CSM system when your team scales up.  

4) Implementing procedures so that team members can readily access, input data, and save. 

5) Getting the executive sponsor/executives to realize the need for this research, understanding, and spending.

If you want to maximize your investment in your current or future customer success system, this free assessment is definitely for you!

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Remember, a robust customer success system can help your team scale, reduce churn and become more proactive. It is a significant investment of both your time, resources and budget. Taking this assessment will help you make a thoughtful decision.

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